Columbus Day 2010

Cristóbal Colón
Rodolfo F. Acuña
Since I was a child, I have been accused of being a troublemaker, what some called a big mouth. I could never let things alone. This is a trait followed me into adulthood when contradictions drove me to distraction.
My parents would urge me not to offend our guests by bringing up topics related to politics and/or religion. My sister would not invite me to social gatherings because I would bring up topics such as racism, police brutality and the Vietnam Wars. I was told that I was a party pooper and was accused of laying intellectual pedos (farts)—forcing people to move away.
It never dawned on my parents that the reason I was this way was that they had sacrificed and given me a good Jesuit education. Accordingly truth was always based on faith but one had to look for a negation. You looked for an opposition and if one were true, then the other was necessarily false. Rene Descartes in the 17th century began a journey in which scholasticism was tested and gave way to historical materialism.
Unfortunately, in these times fascism is attempting to not only discredit scholasticism but it wants to take things back to a period when negations were ignored. In today’s time symbols have no historical context and they are defined by the state or the mob.
This drives me to distraction and I am forced to speak out especially in the months of October and November when the distortionsof the truth build up my intellectual gasses. During this period the state allocates holidays for Labor Day, Columbus Day and Thanksgiving.
(The only relief is Christmas because anyone with half a brain knows that it is delusional to believe that Santa Claus is riding around on a sled powered by reindeers. Those with a whole brain question the historical validity of the manger story. )
Few people remember that Labor Day is promoted in September to perpetuate the myth that an alliance between capitalists and workers made the United States a great industrial nation. The truth is that Labor Day is promoted by the state to draw attention away from May 1st, international Labor Day, which was part of the workers demands for an eight-hour day and to commemorate the killing of four workers at Haymarket Square. .
Well then, why don’t I like Cristóbal Colón? After all the Jews, the Italians and the Spaniards all claim him. The Italians annually hold Columbus Day parades throughout the country that draw thousands of people. The Sopranos even had a program on Columbuswhere the mafia was upset with the Jews for claiming their Columbus.
Recently, National Public Radio reported “A splash of political controversy marked the start of the annual Columbus Day Parade along sunny Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. [Carl] Paladino and his Democratic opponent [for governor], Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, were scheduled to be among the 35,000 marchers ... with more than 100 bands, floats and contingents” Paladino’s representatives, however, indicated he might not attend because of protests by gay activists.
The irony, the contradiction or the hypocrisy is that if German Americans were to hold a parade honoring the birthday of Adolph Hitler universally Americans (including me) would be in an uproar. Hitler was either a good man or an evil man.
At the same time many in the Catholic Church want to canonize Columbus.
The opinion of Native American scholars is dismissed. Native Americans argue that although Columbus acted brutally toward the Taino and other tribes. Apologists say he could not have know that he would wipe them out. The Taino population in Haiti numbered 250,000 to a million in 1492. By 1517, there were about 14,000.
This set in motion the wiping out of millions of native people. In Mexico and Central America alone the indigenous population fell from 25 million to under a million in eighty years.
Apologists claim well this was not because of Columbus or Spanish colonialism—blame it on small pox. And after all they gave the Indians Jesus Christ and eternal salvation.
But who enslaved the Indians and debilitated the Indian masses through the destruction of their institutions, enslavement, exploitation and alcoholism. Columbus shipped hundreds of Tainos to Seville in 1495, and Spaniards brought African slaves to Columbus’ colony to work the gold mines. Indians were routinely used as slaves in silver mines throughout Mexico and the Americas.
The myth of Thanksgiving is also distorted by the schools and the state. No one questions the facts because no one wants to lay the proverbial intellectual pedo. Hey it is a four day holiday. Cheap turkeys and hams and everyone can pig out.
In early autumn of 1621, fifty-three surviving Pilgrims celebrated a successful harvest. The natives joined the celebration and instead of attacking the Pigrims they made peace. Indeed, the natives had helped the Pilgrims survive the winter.
Much is made of the fact that the Pilgrims came to New England for religious freedom. However, forgotten is they were not tolerant of others especially the Indians many of whom were enslaved. The pilgrims thought of themselves as the “chosen elect.”
Today many Native Americans call Thanksgiving a National Day of Mourning. In the sixties Chicanos called it the day of the pendejos (fools) for believing the pilgrims. They reminded anyone who would listen that It was not until the Civil war that Abraham Lincoln invented the tradition of Thanksgiving.
In Arizona today many of the so-styled minutemen and tea baggers would call this type of corrective thinking unpatriotic. They distort the quest for the truth and return the acquisition of knowledge to a time when scholasticism became the prisoner of faith and went untested.
I don’t believe that these musings will change what people want to “believe.” The truth is lonely and at times threatening. People do not want to smell intellectual farts because the stench may wake them up.
But concede this old fart one thing. Change the English version of Columbus to Colón and then drop the accent and call him colon—it is historically more appropriate.


June 2010
Rodolfo F. Acuña The Search for Reason in Arizona Preserving my Memories,"
People have memories of special places—spaces that they periodically revisit. I get off the freeways and drive through the streets of Los Angeles. Last week I revisited Tucson, where my mother was raised and where at the age of five, arriving Greyhound, we stayed in an adobe house in nearby downtown. The memories were such that as a five year old I walked through the streets guided by dejá vu—memories of my ancestors who lived there since the 1770s. I returned to Tucson last week, attempting to find answers to the irrationality reported in the media....
Christopher Sherman And Olivia Torres June 10, 2010
Mexico Border Patrol Shooting: Mexican Security Chased Away U.S. Border Patrol Agents"
US border patrol agents examine the area near where 14 year-old Mexican citizen Sergio Adrian Hernandez Huereca was killed under the Paso Del Norte border bridge in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, Monday, June 7, 2010. Chihuahua state officials released a statement Tuesday, June 8, demanding a full investigation into the death of the boy who was allegedly shot by a U.S. Border Patrol agent after a confrontation, according to Mexican authorities.

May 2010
Genetic Makeup of Hispanic Latino Americans Influenced by Native American, European and African-American Ancestries,"ScienceDaily (May 31, 2010)
Connie Llanos, Undocumented CSUN graduate is arrested," Daily News, May 18, 2010
An undocumented graduate of Cal State Northridge was in custody Tuesday after being arrested on suspicion of trespassing during a protest at the Tucson, Ariz., office of Republican Sen. John McCain.
March 2010
“New Ideas About Human Migration From Asia To Americas,” ScienceDaily Oct. 29, 2007,
Sam Stein, Report: An Astonishing' Rise In Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Government Groups,
February 2010
Hector Tobar, Latin American immigrants are frustrated too,”, February 26, 2010
At Plaza Mexico in Lynwood, some merchants and shoppers voice anger about the conditions that led them to migrate, and they worry about misperceptions back home about life in the U.S.

The budget crunch at Cal State is getting so bad, it's forcing some young people to think about a future without a college education. But some students won't sit idly by.Los Angeles Times, February 9, 2010.,0,2065980.column
Howard Blume, “Charter schools' growth promoting segregation, studies say,” February 5, 2010,0,3300930.story
A UCLA study is one of two finding that the increasingly popular campuses skew toward racially separate student bodies. Charter advocates criticize the reports.
Hector Tobar,“A tough sell? Count on it: Census takers in L.A. will need persistence, charm and knowledge of the city's varied cultures,” LA Times, February 2, 2010, [[,0,4560935.column]]
December 2009
David Bacon, “The Brutal Dark Sideof Obama's "Softer" Immigration Enforcement,”
The Progressive, December 16, 2009

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Maize Was Passed from Group to Groupof Southwestern Hunter-Gatherers, Study Suggests
ScienceDaily (Dec. 8, 2009) — An international group of anthropologists offers a new theory about the diffusion of maize to the Southwestern United States and the impact it had.

Europe's First Farmers Were Immigrants: Replaced Their Stone Age Hunter-Gatherer Forerunners
ScienceDaily (Sep. 4, 2009) — Analysis of ancient DNA from skeletons suggests that Europe's first farmers were not the descendants of the people who settled the area after the retreat of the ice sheets. Instead, the early farmers probably migrated into major areas of central and eastern Europe about 7,500 years ago, bringing domesticated plants and animals with them, says Barbara Bramanti from MainzUniversity in Germany and colleagues.
October 2009

Brian Stelter, ‘CNN’s Special on Latinos Stirs Protests Against Anchor,” October 22, 2009.
CNN’s broadcast of a four-hour documentary about Latinos this week turned into a political rallying cry for activist groups that are calling on the cable news channel to fire Lou Dobbs, a veteran anchor with anti-immigration views

Hector Tobar, “Literacy brings immigrants closer to full participation in life,”, October 20, 2009,0,3247939.column
Native Spanish speakers break the code of the written word with help from an L.A. adult-education center.
In her one-bedroom apartment in the Pico-Union district, garment worker Julia Rodriguez lives surrounded by young readers.

Scott Gold, “PROMISE AND PERIL IN SOUTH L.A. Sending them away -- for their own good,” Los Angeles Times, October 18, 2009
In a gang-plagued immigrant neighborhood, four children have in effect been banished by their family to another city -- not because of what they've done, but because of what they've seen,”,0,7273504.story

September 2009
Tracy Wilkinson, “Mexican American astronaut isn't changing course on immigration stand,” Los Angeles Times, September 17, 2009

NASA went ballistic when Jose Hernandez advocated legalization of undocumented immigrants in the U.S. shortly after his return to Earth. The California-born son of migrants isn't backing down.,0,7903541.story

George’s Bottomline, Latino Lawmaker Rips Obama for Making It Harder for Illegals to Buy Private Insurance, September 15, 2009
Already under fire from the Right on the issue of illegal immigration, President Obama is now coming under fire from the Left for making it harder for undocumented workers to buy private health insurance.

Tracy Wilkinson, “Mexican American astronaut isn't changing course on immigration stand,” Los Angeles, Sept 16, 2009,0,7117107.story
NASA went ballistic when Jose Hernandez advocated legalization of undocumented immigrants in the U.S. shortly after his return to Earth. The California-born son of migrants isn't backing down

Eva Longoria Parker, “Children of colorneed a healthy start, USA Today,” September 04, 2009

Today in Washington and across this country, adults are debating the hotly contested issue of health care reform. But children, especially those of color, are innocent bystanders with much to gain — or lose.

August 2009

Tony Castro, “Young Latino Democrats group emerges,” Los Angeles Daily News, Aug 17, 2009.
POLITICS: Founder of Valley group says Obama election energized him.
Jose Sandoval's political awakening during the Obama presidential campaign brought with it a sense of independence he hadn't expected.

David G. Savage, “Sonia Sotomayor sworn in as Supreme Court justice,” Los Angeles Times, August 8, 2009,0,1155745.story
Chief Justice Roberts administers the oath on a quiet morning so she can begin work 'without delay,' he says. Her mother and family members are there to witness her becoming the court's first Latino.

Ken Ellingwood, “In Ciudad Juarez, young women are vanishing,” Los Angeles Times, August 8, 2009,0,4357807.story
Amid the drug war's bloodshed, the Mexican border city has been shaken by the disappearances of at least two dozen teenage girls and young women. Officials have few leads.

Hector Tobar “Hostage house in Compton an example of the increasing dangers for illegal immigrants,” Los Angeles Times, August 4, 2009,0,4752970.column
Residents on Dern Avenue become witnesses to the outrage of human trafficking.

July 2009
Neil A. Lewis, “Senate PanelEndorses Sotomayor,” New York Times, July 29, 2009

Demetria Martinez Arizona activist faces death threat National Catholic Reporter Jul 15, 2009

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Antonio Zavala, “Hispanos de Illinois aseguran que son víctimas de perfil racial,” impremedia, July 10, 2009
Chicago/EFE —Los hispanos en el condado Du Page, donde conforman el 12 por ciento de la población, aseguran que son blanco de prácticas de perfil racial por parte de las autoridades locales, una situación que piden cambie lo antes posible.

Teresa Watanabe, “Activists pushballot initiative to end state benefits for illegal immigrants and their U.S.-born children,” Los Angeles Times, July 13, 2009,0,4982035.story
The measure would end public benefits to illegal residents, challenge the citizenship of their U.S.-born children, cut welfare payments to those children and impose new birth certificate requirements.

Maura Dolan and Sam Quinones, “Army Spc. Eduardo S. Silva, 25, Greenfield; found dead in his bed in Afghanistan,” Los Angeles Times, July 5, 2009,0,3691953.story

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JULIA PRESTON, ‘U.S. ShiftsStrategy on Illicit Work by Immigrants,’Los Angeles Times, July 3, 2009

June 2009
Latino Teens Happier, Healthier If Families Embrace Biculturalism
ScienceDaily (June 25, 2009) — Over the years, research has shown that Latino youth face numerous risk factors when integrating into American culture, including increased rates of alcohol and substance use and higher rates of dropping out of school.
Video: Journal of Primary Prevention web site:

Pat Kossan, “Court rules in favor of state in 17-year English-learner battle Justices: Court didn't weigh recent educational efforts,” The Arizona Republic- Jun. 26, 2009
The U.S. Supreme Court took a major step toward ending a 17-year legal battle Thursday, saying lower courts erred by focusing too much on forcing Arizona to spend more money to help students who haven't yet learned to speak, read or write English.

Tom Hamburger, “BANKING Bank of America is accused of exploiting Latino immigrant customers,” Los Angeles Times, June 30, 2009.,0,6339542.story

Richard Simon, ‘Senate panel OKs funds for jailing illegal immigrants,’ Los Angeles Time, June 25, 2009
Compensation for state and local governments may be continued, despite Obama's call to end such payments. California could receive less money than last year.,0,1414295.story
[Meanwhile, schools are shutting down; only in America]

Dan Mihalopoulos and Azam Ahmed, ‘A rising force in Hispanic Chicago,”, June 22, 2009
UNO works within system, gets $98 million for charter schools,0,4336990.story

Mitchell Landsberg, ‘Two students, two schools -- 20 miles and a world apart,’ Los Angeles Times, June 22, 2009,0,2883533.story
Meet Kyle Gosselin and Henry Ramirez. Kyle attends La Cañada High; Henry was at South L.A.'s Jefferson High before moving to Texas. Their backgrounds may be worlds apart, but their dreams are similar.

George Saunders, ‘Tom Horne and the Alamo,’Labor Standard: Information Education Discussion
The current Arizona “superintendent of public instruction” is a man named Tom Horne. His claim to fame—and apparently one of the bases on which he was elected to his current position—is that, as a school board official in Paradise Valley, part of the Phoenix metro area, he got rid of women’s studies programs in the schools of that questionably named valley.

Jacqueline Stevens, ‘Secret Courts Exploit Immigrants,’ The Nation, June 16, 2009

You don't need to go to Iran or North Korea to find secret courts. They're alive and well right here in the United States. On March 26, 2009, I was denied access to immigration courts in Eloy and Florence, Arizona, even though a federal regulation states, "All hearings, other than exclusion hearings, shall be open to the public" with a narrow range of exceptions--none of which were cited as a reason for excluding me.

Michael Matza, ‘Attacks on Mexican immigrants often go unreported,” Philadelphia Inquirer, Jun. 15, 2009
One moment, Cerelino Velasquez was riding his bike on South Eighth Street near Christian, enjoying an April night as he pedaled home from his job at a nearby pizza shop about 10.

Richard S. Dunham, ‘Latinos filling more high-level government jobs,’ San Francisco Chronicle, June 14, 2009

World Day Against Child Labor: Mexican Foreign Ministry releases report detailing Mexican children traveling to US alone are looking for work, Latina Lista, 12 de Junio 2009.
Today, the global community observes World Day Against Child Labour.
Begun in 2002 by the International Labor Organization, this year's theme is "Give Girls a Chance -- End Child Labor."

Shawna Forde, Minutemen Leader, Arrested In Double Killing In Arizona,’ Huffington Post, June 13, 2009
TUCSON, Ariz. — Two of three people arrested in a southern Arizona home invasion that left a little girl and her father dead had connections to a Washington state anti-illegal immigration group that conducts border watch activities in Arizona.

Gregg Krupa, ‘Illegal immigration's fallout: Families split as deportations grow,’ The Detroit News, June 8, 2009
Maria Mena and her husband, Felipe Angelus, were driving home from the grocery store with their three children on April 30, 2008, when federal agents brandishing guns surrounded the car, ordered Angelus out, handcuffed him and led him away.

Nicholas Confessore and Danny Hakim, ‘Latino-Black Rivalry Helped Fuel G.O.P.’s Takeover of State Senate,’ New York Times, June 10, 2009
ALBANY — When two Democratic state senators, Pedro Espada Jr. and Hiram Monserrate, joined Republicans on the Senate floor Monday to kick off their surprise takeover of the chamber, almost every other Democratic senator in the room walked out in anger, shock or disgust.

Daniel Cubias, “Insecurity Complex: Who Wants to Be Latino?” The Hispanic Fanatic, Huffington Post, June 6, 2009.

JODI KANTOR and DAVID GONZALEZ, “For Sotomayor and Thomas, Paths Diverge at Race,” New York Times, June 7, 2009

&pagewanted=print]] = If Judge Sonia Sotomayor joins Justice Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court, they may find that they have far more than a job title in common.

Jeffrey Passel and Paul Taylor, Who’s Hispanic? Pew Hispanic Center May 28, 2009,

Is Judge Sonia Sotomayor the first Hispanic ever nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court, or does that distinction belong to Justice Benjamin Cardozo, who served on the court from 1932-38 and whose family tree apparently had some roots in Portugal? The question of who's Hispanic -- and who isn't -- turns out to be pretty complicated.

Hector Tobar, Latina lawyer learned law at Harvard, gains wisdom in Compton

Attorney Luz Herrera hopes that Sonia Sotomayor, if confirmed to the Supreme Court, can get across the message that the Latino experience is already 'a part of the fabric of U.S. society.' Los Angeles Times June 2, 2009,0,7505494.column

May 2009

Peter Nicholas and James Oliphant, ‘Two sides to Sonia Sotomayor’ Los Angeles Times, May 30, 2009

The passion for minority rights that she showed from Princeton onward is scarcely reflected in a review of her judicial decisions. So which way would she lean on the Supreme Court?,0,2464037.story

Teresa Watanabe, “U.S. Census sparks feud over the counting of illegal immigrants,” Los Angeles Times, May 31, 2009
A national Latino clergy group wants 1 million to boycott the count in an effort to press for legalization. But immigrant activists decry the plan.,0,3637804.story

Gale Holland, California could be the first state to cut student aid while hiking fees Los Angeles Times, May 29, 2009,0,694495.story

Governor's plan would eliminate Cal Grants for 118,000 freshmen and cancel increases promised for 82,255 other students.

Hector Tobar, “Chu's win over Cedillo a symbol of Latino confidence,” Los Angeles Times, May 26, 2009
In a district where Latinos outnumber Asian Americans, 1 in 3 Latinos chose her for Congress, a sign of the great distance Latinos have come since Edward Roybal lost a race for supervisor in 1958,0,3752932,print.column
{There is another point of view. Many believe that the Los Angeles Times intervened by publishing hit pieces, and not raising Chu's voting record on driver's licenses for undocumented residents}

Javier Rodriguez, Gil Cedillo, “The Activist Politician and the Latino Wars to Replace Hilda Solis,”
May 19, 2009, }

Alexandra Zavis and Hector Becerra “L.A. Latinos savor Supreme Court choice” Los Angeles Times May 27, 2009
It's about time, some say, as President Obama nominates federal judge Sonia Sotomayor. She would be the court's first Latina.,0,7965796,print.story

Teresa Watanabe and Doug Smith, “Growth of Latino, Asian populations slows in outlying areas,” Los Angeles Times, May 16, 2009

Rates are rising somewhat in gateway cities like Los Angeles, census data show. Experts cite the recession and say immigrants may be returning to centers with more services and other support.,0,2296003.story

JULIA PRESTON, “Mexican Data Show Migration to U.S. in Decline,” New York Times, May 15, 2009
MEXICALI, Mexico — Census data from the Mexican government indicate an extraordinary decline in the number of Mexican immigrants going to the United States.
The recently released data show that about 226,000 fewer people emigrated from Mexico to other countries during the year that ended in August 2008 than during the previous year, a decline of 25 percent. All but a very small fraction of emigration, both legal and illegal, from Mexico is to the United States.

Terence Chea, UC Board of Regents approves 9.3 percent fee hike,”Daily News, 05/07/2009 09:56:57 PM PDT
SAN FRANCISCO — The University of California Board of Regents voted Thursday to raise student fees by 9.3 percent, the latest move to offset state budget cuts to the 10-campus system.

Anna Gorman and Peter Nicholas, Obama budget puts security first at the border From the Los Angeles Times, May 6, 2009
He'll ask Congress to help curb the flow of arms to Mexico before seeking any immigration reform.,0,2485948.story

From Alex Reza:
As you know, for years bi-lingual education programs under Republican and Democratic administrations have not been adequately funded. The
US Supreme Court on April 20, 2009 heard oral arguments in the case of Miriam Flores (Flores v. State of Arizona) whose family filed suit
against the state of Arizona in 1992 for not providing court mandated support to Miriam who entered school as a non-English speaking
student. In the next few weeks the Court will issue a ruling but given the right wing philosophy of a majority of the Justices, i am
not too hopeful for a favorable ruling.

Editorial: New York Times, May 3, 2009. A Shift on Immigration
Last week, immigration enforcement policy shifted a little. The administration issued guidelines for Immigration and Customs Enforcement that place a new emphasis on prosecuting employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants.
That is a good idea, and a break from the Bush administration method — mass raids to net immigrant workers while leaving their bosses alone. The raids were tuned to the theatrics of the poisoned immigration debate, using heavy weapons, dogs and helicopters to spread the illusion that something was getting fixed....

David Abel, Boston Globe, May 1, 2009
Jay Severin, the fiery right wing talk show host on Boston's WTKK-FM radio station, was suspended yesterday after calling Mexican immigrants "criminaliens," "primitives," "leeches," and exporters of "women with mustaches and VD," among other incendiary comments...

April 2009

13) Hector Tobar, “Tough work, if you can get it,” Los Angeles Times, April 28, 2009,0,7966544.column
The pay is lower and the jobs are fewer, but the pool of laborers looking for work at sanctioned locations grows larger.

14) Adam Liptak, “On Voting Rights, Test of History v. Progress,” New York Times, April 28, 2009
WASHINGTON — Ellen D. Katz is a liberal law professor and a big fan of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, which she calls the most effective civil rights legislation in American history. “It’s sacred,” she said. “It’s holy.”

15) BILLY WITZ. “A Strong Arm and a Strong Mind.” New York Times. September 13, 2008

LOS ANGELES — Long before he became a quarterback at Southern California, Mark Sanchez endured countless tests dreamed up by his father.
When Sanchez took batting practice as a teenager, his father quizzed him on the periodic table as each pitch was about to arrive. While gauging the speed and location of a fastball, his brain was also attempting to recall the atomic weight of magnesium.
16) David Gonzalez. “A Family Divided by 2 Words, Legal and Illegal.” New York Times, April 26, 2009
For the father, the choice was obvious: An engineer with several jobs yet little money, he saw no future for his daughter and son in their struggling country, Ecuador. Eight years ago, he paid coyotes to smuggle him into Texas, then headed to New York, where his wife and children flew in as tourists, and stayed.
But the consequences of that clear-cut decision — the immigrant’s perennial impulse to uproot for the sake of the next generation — have been anything but simple.

17) Haya El Nasser. “Latino coalition, others call for Census boycott; They demand changes in immigration.” USA TODAY. McLean, Va.: Apr 16, 2009. pg. A.2
Abstract (Summary)
The National Coalition of Latino Clergy & Christian Leaders, a group that says it represents 20,000 evangelical churches in 34 states, issued a statement this week urging undocumented immigrants not to fill out Census forms unless Congress passes "genuine immigration reform."

18) Andrew Becker and Patrick J. McDonnell U.S. citizens caught up in immigration sweeps
The detentions, which in some cases have nearly led to the deportation of citizens or legal residents, are drawing increased attention.
Los Angeles Times April 9, 2009,0,3056253.story
Reporting from Tacoma, Wash., and Los Angeles — Rennison Vern Castillo thought his legal troubles were nearly over at the end of a jail stay for harassing his ex-girlfriend. But then a U.S. immigration hold order blocked his release.
"They think you're here illegally," a jailhouse guard said to him.
Castillo, mystified, insisted it was all a mistake. Though born in Belize, he had come of age in South Los Angeles, spoke fluent English, served a stint in the Army and had become an American citizen about seven years earlier.

19) Nina Bernstein. Study Says Police Misuse Immigration-Inquiry Rule; [Metropolitan Desk]
New York Times. (Late Edition (East Coast)). New York, N.Y.: Apr 15, 2009. pg. A.20
Many police officers in New Jersey are misusing a 2007 directive by the state's attorney general by questioning the immigration status of Latino drivers, passengers, pedestrians and even crime victims, reporting them to federal immigration authorities and jailing some for days without criminal charges, according to a Seton Hall Law School study. Copyright New York Times Company Apr 15, 2009

Melissa del Bosque, “Lights, Cameras, Mayhem!
The national media invades El Paso—and gets the story wrong.
Texas Observer April 17, 2009
Also see
On March 25, CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360° rolled into El Paso to report on Mexican drug-cartel violence. Cooper was one more in a recent wave of national news heavy hitters to parachute in, scare the pants off millions of viewers, then jet off to the next headline destination.

21) Carol J. Williams. “Conservatives gaining sway on a liberal bastion.”
The U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has been resolving disputes for 150 years in a region once prone to settling differences with pistols. Despite today's decorum, ideological gunfights still blaze.
Los Angeles Times April 19, 2009,0,6190316.story
Reporting from San Francisco -- Marble columns, porcelain mosaics and Venetian skylights in the palatial James R. Browning Courthouse belie the rough-and-tumble origins of the West's authoritative law court.
Birthed in Gold Rush calamity and come of age on the frontier, the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has been resolving disputes for 150 years in a region once prone to settling differences with pistols at high noon. If one looks closely at the bench in the main courtroom, there is a nick left by a bullet fired during the 1917 Hindu German Conspiracy Trial.

1) "Seremos 107.6 millones de mexicanos para junio." Notimex 31-Marzo-2009
La Conapo estima que este año nacerán 1.94 millones y morirán 527 mil
La población en México alcanzará los 107.6 millones a la mitad de 2009, de acuerdo con las proyecciones, aun cuando el ritmo de crecimiento se ha desacelerado en las últimas décadas [this does not count the some 32 million Mexican origin people in the U.S.]

2) Antonio Gonzalez and Steven Ochoa. "The Latino Vote in 2008: Trends and Characteristics" WCVI 2008 Latino Vote Research and Analysis
In 2008, the Latino electorate grew to an estimated 12,148,790 registered voters and cast an estimated 9,701,288 votes in the November Presidential election, according to the William C. Velasquez Institute (WCVI). This represents a 79.85% turnout figure for Latino registered voters. Latinos also represented 7.43% of all votes cast in the United States in November.

3) Jennifer Harper. “More Hispanics opt to go under the knife; Plastic surgery tailored to 'ethnic look'” THE WASHINGTON TIMES. March 26, 2009. NATION; A03
Viva vanity.
Hispanics are the fastest-growing segment of the American population who are opting for a little nip and tuck. Disapproval of cosmetic surgery within that ethnic community has lessened while techniques that preserve distinctive Latin features have improved, say physicians.

4) “Under the tarnish, still golden; Statewatch: California.” The Economist. April 4, 2009
U.S. Edition
Bad times have fallen on California. Problems likely to intensify. The article provides a historical background: "
Hispanics and Asians are expected to account for nearly all of California's population growth by 2020 (see chart). But not all the newcomers will stay within its borders. One way of looking at the state is as a kind of human-processing machine. It sucks in immigrants from Asia and Latin America, turns them into Americans and then disgorges some of them, along with many natives, across the country."

5) Rodolfo F. Acuña. “Anything But Mexican Revisted.” LatinoLA: April 4, 2009
Our elected officials became elected officials because there were poor Mexicans and then Latinos to justify them

6) Robert D. McFadden. “13 Shot Dead During a Class on Citizenship.” New York Times. April 4, 2009.
A gunman invaded an immigration services center in downtown Binghamton, N.Y., during citizenship classes on Friday and shot 13 people to death and critically wounded 4 others before killing himself in a paroxysm of violence that turned a quiet civic setting into scenes of carnage and chaos.

7) Marcelo Ballve, Year Without a Mexican: The Debilitating Loss of Economic Lifeblood. Mother Jones. April 2, 2009, Printed on April 3, 2009
It all began with the whir and flicker of helicopters on May 12, 2008, an incongruous sound in a tiny Iowa town tucked amid cornfields. All over Postville, people craned their necks from orderly lawns, phones rang, and gossip flew. Reverend Stephen Brackett, the town's Lutheran pastor, was on his day off and didn't hear the helicopters at first, but when his church secretary called to tell him something unusual was happening, he at once suspected what it was. For years, there were rumors that the Agriprocessors meatpacking plant at the edge of town was under scrutiny by immigration authorities. Later that morning, Brackett's wife called with confirmation: She'd spotted two helicopters and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents in jackets and flak vests down by the slaughterhouse.

8) David Bacon.
OAKLAND, CA (4/4/09) -- In a little less than a month, hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions, of people will fill the streets in city after city, town after town, across the US. This year May Day marches of immigrant workers will make an important demand on the Obama administration: End the draconian enforcement policies of the Bush administration. Establish a new immigration policy based on human rights and recognition of the crucial economic and social contributions of immigrants to US society.

9) Roberto Lovato. “Mo(u)rning in El Salvador.” This article appeared in the April 13, 2009 edition of The Nation. March 26, 2009
In Izalco, El Salvador, an idyllic but very poor village nestled under the gaze of the great volcano of the same name, I asked Juliana Ama to help me understand how the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN), the guerrillas-turned-political-party, had managed to triumph over the Nationalist Republican Alliance (ARENA) in the presidential election on March 15, ending the right-wing party's twenty-year reign. Ama guided me to a dusty, football field-size dirt lot adjacent to a church. The 61-year-old schoolteacher said nothing at first, staring meditatively at a round spot blackened by a campfire or some burnt offering. Then she said simply, "It's our dead."

FMLN Supporter

10) RANDY KENNEDY. “Texas Mayor Caught in Deportation Furor.” New York Times, April 5, 2009
"Irving is one of a growing number of cities across America where immigration control, a federal prerogative, is reshaping politics at the other end of the spectrum, the local level, in the absence of a national policy overhaul. To watch its experiment play out over the better part of the past year in City Hall and in its residents’ lives is to see how difficult political moderation has become in the debate over what to do with the country’s estimated 12 million illegal immigrants".

11) David G Savage. “Lawsuit tests use of race as factor in hiring choices.” Chicago Tribune. Apr 5, 2009. pg. 13
The city had coded the test takers by race, and of the top 15 scorers, 14 were white and one was Hispanic. Because there were only 15 vacancies in the top ranks of the fire department, it looked like no blacks would be promoted.,0,6675981.story

12) Robert Boyer. Study boosts sheriff's figures: Report says 850 more Hispanics were stopped, ticketed. Business News. Washington: Apr 5, 2009.
“According to state law, officers must log a report each time a vehicle is stopped and note whether the driver is Hispanic, among other things. Named after the section of federal law that created it, the illegal immigration enforcement partnership with the federal Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement trains and deputizes local lawmen as federal agents and gives their departments access to federal immigration and criminal databases. “

13) Political Intelligence. “Weed Patrol.” Texas Observer, April 03, 2009,
When it comes to stemming illegal immigration along the Rio Grande, the U.S. Border Patrol is getting lost in the weeds.

14) Evan Belanger. “Hispanic residents rise 74% in 7 years.” McClatchy - Tribune Business News. Washington: Apr 5, 2009. See for subscription
According to the Market Street report, the county's largest manufacturing employer in 2008 was Wayne Farms, a chicken-processing plant, with 1,596 employees.
Apr. 5--Morgan County ranks among the top five in the state in foreign immigration, according to a BRAC-related economic and quality-of-life study.
And the county's Hispanic population increased more than 74 percent between 2000 and 2007, climbing from 3,645 to 6,350, the same study finds.

15) JEANNIE KEVER. Hispanics travel rough road to higher education Ethnic group is the fastest growing but the least likely to enroll in college program: Hispanics say higher goals needed. Houston Chronicle. Houston, Tex.: Apr 5, 2009. pg. 1
Nonprofit organization that provides job training and placement as well as hands-on help in applying to college and for financial aid and scholarships. Just 42.5 percent of Hispanics who graduated from high school in 2007 enrolled in college or a technical training program the following fall, compared with 45.3 percent of black students and 57.5 percent of white students.

16) HOPE YEN. Expert in survey statistics picked by Obama to lead census count in 2010.”| Chicago Tribune April 2, 2009,0,1033002.story
WASHINGTON President Barack Obama on Thursday selected Robert M. Groves to be the next census director, turning to a survey researcher who has clashed with Republicans over the use of statistical sampling to lead the high-stakes head count.
The White House announced Obama's intention to nominate Groves, a former Census Bureau associate director of statistical design from 1990-92. If confirmed by the Senate, Groves will take the helm less than a year before the census, which has been beset by partisan bickering and will be used to apportion House seats and allocate billions in federal dollars

March 2009

1) Solomon Moore, Latinos largest ethnic group in U.S. prisons, The New York Times, February 18, 2009.
Latinos, the largest group in the federal prisons, comprise for 40 percent of the inmates. Latinos made up 13 percent of the U.S. adult population in 2007. This rise was the result of tougher enforcement of immigration laws. About 48 percent were convicted of immigration violations.
Also see: 2.18.2009. A Rising Share: Hispanics and Federal Crime,
Reaction: Anonymous. “The 'Usual Suspects'; Our View: Racial Profiling Concerns, Record Number Of Federal Prosecutions For Immigration Offenses Leave A Community Feeling Under Siege,” The Sun. Baltimore, Md.: Feb 24, 2009. pg. A.12
Ties racial profiling to the number of arrests of immigrants.

Mexican Immigrants in Prison

2) Lisa M Krieger, New UC eligibility standards will open college doors, but may change demographics, Oakland Tribune, Feb 15, 2009.
The University of California will admit less Asian and more white students, fewer African-Americans and slightly increase the number of Latino students. The UC has eliminated SAT subject tests. The plan is to “broaden the socioeconomic and racial diversity of the applicant pool and offer admissions offices more flexibility in creating a freshman class.” Asians are critical of the plan; they account for 37 percent of UC admissions. It is projected that the number of Asian admits will fall since Asians tend to perform well the "subject tests." According to Ward Connerly, "The university has essentially lowered its standards.''

Calif Student Profile 2030

Calif Student Profile 2030

3) Cary Clack, “Histories, too, go in melting pot,” San Antonio Express-News. San Antonio, Tex.: Feb 12, 2009. pg. F.1
“Welcome to Black History Month - that special month when we learn some of the things about black history that we can't get around to learning the rest of the year. It's that one month when every movie ever made with a black person and every documentary about blacks find their way to television.”

Latino Students Maryland

Latino Students Maryland
4) Scott Shenk, Survey: Latinos moved to area for employment; Many hurt by recession, The Daily Progress. Charlottesville, Va.: Feb 8, 2009.
An American Red Cross survey, of 140 Latino immigrants in the Charlottesville region, showed that the overwhelming majority came to the area for work;73 percent planned to return to their country of origin.



Latino Day Workers

5) “Conservative Foundation Decries Republican Self-Deception on Immigration in Wake of November Defeat,” U.S. Newswire. Washington: Feb 3, 2009.
Americas Majority Foundation president Richard Nadler says that Republican party has alienated Latinos and business and helped Democrats. The enforcement-only solution has been disastrous for Republicans. "The median Latino population of congressional districts won by 'enforcement-only' candidates was 2.3%. The median Latino population of districts carried by CIR advocates was 12.8%. Nation-wide, Latinos are 15% of the U.S. population.”
See: Richard Nader, Edge Wedge “The Edge of the Wedge: Immigration and the Congressional Contests of 2008," January 2009, Americas Majority Foundation Americas Majority, 138 pages, at

Gov Pete Wilson and Prop 187

Prop 187

6) David Bacon, Photographs and Stories, is one of the premier immigration journalist.
David Bacon is one of the most prolific essayist and photographers of the immigrant experience in Los Angeles and on the border. Click on to the above links to view some of these images. They are must for the student of the border

David Bacon

David Bacon
Marcelina López, a Mixtec immigrant from Oaxaca, and her family are farmworkers living in a tiny house on a ranch in the vineyards. They pick raisins and other crops around Fresno.

7) Angela Provitera McGlynn, “Hispanic Women in America: The Demographic Picture,” The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education. Paramus: Oct 20, 2008. Vol. 19, Iss. 2; pg. 34, 2 pgs. American Community Survey (2006), U.S. Census Bureau,
The fertility of Latinas is one-third higher than that of non-Latina women. Mexican born Latina immigrants earn 9 percent less than immigrant women from Central America and 15 percent less than women from the Caribbean, and 31 percent less than immigrant women from South America. In 2006, annual births to Latina women for the first time exceeded one million; one in four children under the age of 5 are Latino. Some forty-two percent Latinas are ages 18 to 34, as opposed to only 28 percent of non-Latinas. The full report, F.Gonzales, (2008), Hispanic Women in the United States, 2007,

Northwest Arkansas
Courtesy of the University of Arkansas

8) “Immigrant Youths Explore Identity In High School,” ScienceDaily (July 15, 2008),
Immigrant children do not “give up their families' ethnic and cultural background in order to assimilate with American culture.” Researchers studied about 380 Asian and Latino adolescents in Los Angeles over four years of high school. “Most teenagers who grow up in immigrant families choose a hyphenated label (such as Mexican-American) to describe themselves, according to the study. Moreover, significant numbers of these adolescents change their labels from year to year, suggesting that high school is a time for youths from immigrant families to explore their identities.” Citation: Society for Research in Child Development (2008, July 15). Immigrant Youths Explore Identity In High School. ScienceDaily. Retrieved February 20, 2009, from­ /releases/2008/07/080715071432.htm

Vernon Elementary, LA Public Library

Vernon Elementary, LA Public Library
9) “Children Of Immigrants Form Ethnic Identity At Early Age,” Science Daily (Sep. 25, 2007); also Brown
A three-year study of over 400 first-generation immigrant children suggests that ethnic identity forms prior to adolescence. First generation first and fourth graders from Cambodian, Dominican and Portuguese backgrounds. The “better children feel about their own ethnic identities, the more they want to play with others, regardless of ethnicity.” See: Brown University (2007, September 25). Children Of Immigrants Form Ethnic Identity At Early Age. ScienceDaily. Retrieved February 20, 2009, from [[­ /releases/2007/09/070924104616.htm]]

Dream Act

Dream Act

10) A Francesca Jenkins, “Students: A Statistical Survey,” The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education. Paramus: Jan 5, 2009. Vol. 19, Iss. 7; pg. 54, 3 pgs.
By 2050, it is projected Latinos will be the largest school-age population. Twelfth graders account for the highest percentage of long-term absenteeism The study gives the figures for White, Blacks and Latinos receiving bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees and compares how the groups scored on the SAT and ACT tests.

Courtesy Rob Darrow

11) Garrett Therolf, “20% in Los Angeles County receive public aid,” Los Angeles Times, February 22, 2009.,0,4377048.story
Nearly 2.2 million people receive public assistance payments or benefits. Officials warn that it will worsen.

Poverty Downtown LA

Poverty Downtown LA
Courtesy of

12) Tyche Hendricks, “Why politics won't stay out of the census,San Francisco Chronicle, Feb 23, 2009. pg. A.1
The article summarizes the controversy over the census and why it has become of concern to minority organizations. It reports that the 2010 census has become a partisan political football.

2010 Census

2010 Census
13) Melissa Campbell, “New Trends in Latino Studies,” The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education. Paramus: Dec 27, 2004. Vol. 15, Iss. 7; pg. 29
“By definition, Latino studies programs investigate the historical roots, cultural aspects and contemporary conditions of Hispanics living in America. The term Hispanic, created by the government in 1977 to help in census data collection, arbitrarily placed Chicanos and Puerto Ricans in the same category, despite drastic historical and cultural differences between the two groups. This collective term works to belie and even obscure the multitude of cultures and experiences the Hispanic population possesses.”

University of Louisville

University of Louisville
14) Sam Roberts.Census Finds Fewer Homes Have a Child In Residence.” [National Desk] New York Times. Feb 26, 2009. pg. A.18
There is declining fertility rates among aging baby boomers, according to the 2008 Current Population Survey on family structure. “Among women age 45 to 49, 79 percent of Asians, 69 percent of white non-Hispanics, 62 percent of Hispanics and 43 percent of blacks were married.” Seventy percent of Hispanic children liver with two parents compared to 85 percent of Asian children, 78 percent of white children, 7 and 38 percent of black children.

Latina Mom

Latina Mom
Projections 2050

Projections 2050
15) Kathy Wyer. “Income Gap between Whites, Latinos Has Grown at Four-Year Colleges,The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education. Paramus: Jan 5, 2009. Vol. 19, Iss. 7; pg. 60, 2 pgs
“Latino men constituted 57.4 percent of Latino freshmen in 1975, but only 39 percent by 2006.” The UCLA report shows a more rapid decline among Chicano males than Puerto Rican and other Latino males. The disparity in income between Latino and non-Hispanic has grown over the three decades. In 2006 Latino households earned 62 cents on the dollar of white households. Latino freshman were more concerned about school financing than white freshman. “By 2006, Latinas kept pace with female Whites (38 percent and 37 percent, respectively), and both female groups spent more time studying or doing homework in high school than Latino males (28.8 percent) or White males (25 percent) . Latinos work hard to make the grade, perhaps because of the challenges they face or the general belief that hard work leads to success, the report authors said.”
Source: Sylvia Hurtado, Victor B. Sáenz, José Luis Santos and Nolan L. Cabrera. “Advancing in Higher Education: A Portrait of Latina/o College Freshmen at Four-Year Institutions: 1975-2006. or call the Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA at (310) 825-1925.


16) Mexico Under Siege: The drug war at our doorstep. Los Angeles Times, Last updated Feb. 26, 2009
Complete coverage with Interactive Map, Multimedia Gallery and Video Q & A. 7,337 have been killed since 2007. Mexican President Calderón has employed 45,000 troops, 5,000 police in 18 Mexican states. The article has a timeline listing an links to a couple of dozen articles that have appeared on the drug war in Mexico. For example, the July 30, 2008 article on narco corridos.


17) Anonymous. “American Association for Cancer Research; European ancestry increases breast cancer risk among Latinas.” Women's Health Weekly. Atlanta: Dec 18, 2008. pg. 25.
“Latinas are what geneticists refer to as an "admixed" population with most of their genetic ancestry from European or indigenous Americans.” The researchers identified the genetic ancestry of 440 Latina women with breast cancer and 597 Latina women with no breast cancer. “For every 25 percent increase in European ancestry there is a 79 percent increase in the risk of breast cancer” .

Mujeres Against Cancer

Mujeres Against Cancer

18) Dahleen Glanton. “New faces of immigration; Latino evangelicals, kids left by deported parents push reforms,” Chicago Tribune.Mar 6, 2009. pg. 6
“On a recent afternoon, 15-year-old Marlon Parras stood on a stage in front of 3,000 people and talked about the hardships he and his 13-year-old sister, Emiely, have faced since their parents were deported to Guatemala.” The article recounts the efforts of pro-immigrant to use the churches in much the same way African Americans used them as a network in the sixties. It narrates the struggle around the Chicago area where off springs are left without their parents. Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) has organized rallies in 17 cities. Similar efforts are taking place in Atlanta, Georgia. The breakup of families impacts as many as 5 million children. Georgia’s immigrant populations has grown from 490,000 in 2008 from 228,000 in 2000.
New faces of immigration

Los Angeles Times Parents Deported

Los Angeles Times Parents Deported
Los Angeles Times "Parents Deported"

19) “Caring Men Are Happier Than Traditional 'Macho' Men, Study Suggests.”
April 30, 2008 — Researchers found two distinct views on what it means to be a gentleman or a "macho" man in the Mexican-American culture. Traditional machismo is the stereotypical masculine personification of a ...
“Caring Men Are Happier ....."


20) Marilyn Gilroy. “Black Colleges Recruiting Hispanic Students.” The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education. Paramus: Jan 5, 2009. Vol. 19, Iss. 7; pg. 18, 2 pgs
Eleven Black colleges and universities, affiliated with the United Methodist Church, have launched a campaign to attract Latino students.
Black Colleges Recruiting Hispanic Students

Courtesy USAToday

Courtesy USAToday
Cinthia Ruiz, 20, a native of the Dominican Republic, is studying business at Hampton University in Virginia.

21) Roberto R Alonzo, Angela Valenzuela, John Gasko.” Improving rather than ending Texas bilingual education.” La Prensa. San Antonio, Tex.: Apr 18, 2007. Vol. 17, Iss. 42; pg. 2A, 1 pgs
The article advocates for bilingual education. A study by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) in 2000 called the "Texas Successful Schools Study" showed that Texas students participating in bilingual education programs outperformed other students who "submerged" programs.
Improving rather than ending Texas bilingual education

State Senator Roberto Alonzo

State Senator Roberto Alonzo
Dr. Angela Valenzuela

Dr. Angela Valenzuela
22) The Best Ways to Teach Young Newcomers, New York Times, March 11, 2009, By The Editors,
Welcome to a national conversation about immigration. Starting today, readers and specialists are invited to discuss themes that will be explored each Sunday in a series of articles that will appear online and in the newspaper in the coming months.
The first article, to be published this weekend, will report on a Virginia school district that segregates students who are the children of immigrants, and who don’t speak English well, to make it easier to give them intensive support. Is that a good idea?
Here in Room for Debate, experts in the education of children learning English are already discussing strategies that schools around the country are adopting to help these students meet rising academic standards. In addition, readers can explore two interactive features. The first, a searchable database, includes the history of ethnic diversity in every school district in the country. The second, an interactive map, displays census data that show where different immigrant groups have settled in the United States over the last century....
Best Ways to Teach Young Newcomers

Bilingual Education

Bilingual Education
23) Roberto Lovato. “New America Media Obama's Durban II Boycott - Perils of a Post-Racial Planet: His admnistration may be giving the green light to governments and other groups practicing their own brand of racial discrimination.” LatinoLA: March 3, 2009
Latino Vote

Latino Vote
Roberto Lovato

Roberto Lovato
24)Joe Ortiz. The Alamo Movie: Clue for Racial Unity Is it too late for racial harmony?
By | LatinoLA: March 6, 2009, Find this story online at

The Alamo Myth

The Alamo Myth
25) Tracy Wilkinson. Mexico drug cartels buying public support: MEXICO UNDER SIEGE. Los Angeles Times, March 13, 2009.,0,7828779.story
As traffickers recruit among the poor, their networks are being woven into the social fabric of the country.
[In the context of U.S.-Mexican Relations the above series of articles are troubling.]

Pobre México

Pobre México
26) "Judge Dismisses Deportation Case After Finding That Agents Illegally Arrested and Interrogated Van Nuys Raid Workers>" (2/20/2009)

The judge also found it critical that ICE agents indiscriminately arrested everyone at the factory, including dozens of citizens. "We are pleased that the judge recognized the coercive and illegal tactics immigration officials used in carrying out this work site raid," said Ahilan Arulanantham, director of immigrants' rights and national security for the ACLU/SC.



27) MICHELLE ROBERTS. “Most Immigrants In Detention Did Not Have Criminal Record, Reports AP.” March 15, 2009
...America's detention system for immigrants has mushroomed in the last decade, a costly building boom that was supposed to sweep up criminals and ensure that undocumented immigrants were quickly shown the door. Instead, an Associated Press computer analysis of every person being held on a recent Sunday night shows that most did not have a criminal record and many were not about to leave the country _ voluntarily or via deportation.An official Immigration and Customs Enforcement database, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, showed a U.S. detainee population of exactly 32,000 on the evening of Jan. 25..

Sarjina Emy

Sarjina Emy
This photo released by Lauren Rivera shows Sarjina Emy in an April 2006 photo. Emy, a 20-year-old former honors student, spent nearly two years in a Florida lockup, because her parents' asylum claim was denied when she was a child. (AP Photo/Lauren Rivera)
Blanca Family

Blanca Family
Belkys Blanco (right) and her daughter Susana Rodriguez, prepare to depart from the Austin airport to stay with family or friends while they pursue their asylum claims. Belkys and Susana were detained at Hutto since early February 2007.
Prisoner of Hutto

28) Hector Tobar. “Readers share thoughts on immigration.” Los Angeles Times, March 16, 2009.,0,1096944.column
"When I was a boy growing up in Los Angeles circa 1970, I did something that brought dishonor to my people.
I tossed a hamburger wrapper onto the parking lot at a fast-food restaurant. This caused my mother to snap that I should never litter because 'when people look at you and see black hair and brown eyes, they think you don't have any manners.'"

Hector Tobar

Hector Tobar
29) Anna Gorman. “Cities and counties rely on U.S. immigrant detention fees.” Los Angeles Time, March 17, 2009.,0,764607.story
"The L.A. County Sheriff's Department and other agencies cover budget shortfalls and save positions using the federal payments"

"Arizona sheriff parades illegal immigrants in chains"

"Arizona sheriff parades illegal immigrants in chains"
Courtesy of 2009/02/post_230.html

30) Antonio Olivo.'I only wanted the pain to end'; In the U.S. illegally, Mariana de la Torre used a fake ID to get $530,000 worth of medical care. Here's her story:
Chicago Tribune. Mar 15, 2009. pg. 1

Courtney Hergesheimer | Dispatch

Courtney Hergesheimer | Dispatch
31) Josh Meyer. “U.S. shares blame in Mexico drug violence, senators say.” Los Angeles Times. March 18, 2009.,0,729089.story
"In a Senate hearing, lawmakers say Washington's inattention to decades of drug use by Americans has played a central role in the bloodshed south of the border."


Drug War

Drug War
32) Paul West, Richard Simon. ”Latinos question civil rights choice; Some believe that Villaraigosa aide Thomas Saenz was passed over to avoid an immigration battle.” Los Angeles Times. Mar 19, 2009. pg. A.14,0,7616119.story
“…the National Council of La Raza, which calls itself the nation's largest Latino civil rights organization, expressed ‘profound disappointment’ that Thomas Saenz, an advisor to Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, wasn't chosen for job” Passed over because of pro-immigrant advocacy.
Thomas Saenz

Thomas Saenz
33) Ashley Surdin. South of the Border, Popular Ballads About the Perils of Illegal Immigration Have a Surprising Heritage: Made in -- and by -- the United States of America; The Washington Post. March 15, 2009 SECTION: STYLE; Pg. E01

Psychological warfare along the U.S. Berlin Wall
Courtesy: Latino USA

Courtesy: Latino USA
34)Jose Antonio Vargas and Darryl Fears. “HIV/AIDS Rate in D.C. Hits 3%;Considered a 'Severe' Epidemic, Every Mode of Transmission Is Increasing, City Study Finds.” The Washington Post. March 15, 2009 SECTION: A-SECTION; Pg. A01

Race/ethnicity of persons (including children) with HIV/AIDS diagnosed during 2006



35) Danielle Dreilinger. “For immigrants, new diets causing health issues US habits come at a high cost SOMERVILLE.” The Boston Globe March 15, 2009

Eating the American Dream can cause more than a stomachache.

Courtesy:Hispanic American Center for Economic Research

Courtesy:Hispanic American Center for Economic Research images/US18

35) STEVE LOPEZ. “Surge in Highland Park violence terrifies students.” Los Angeles Times, March 22, 2009.,0,2583393.column
"Reading, writing, and diving to the floor when gunshots are heard are all part of the routine for second-graders…" These are from letters written by barrio school children. López wrote The Soloist, a story about a homeless genius. I has been made into a movie starring Robert Downey Jr. He is a regular columnist for the Los Angeles Times, often insightful and provocative although he does not appear to have political solutions in mind.
Courtesy: PBS, April 16, 2008

Steve Lopez

Steve Lopez
The Book

The Book
Mexican Americans and other Latinos are no longer a regional minority. In the past twetny years they have moved into cities such as Philadelphia. The economic recession is hitting them especially hard.

37) " Students push for Middle Eastern category at UCs."
Daily News, 03/31/2009
"Several UCLA student groups -- including Arabs, Iranians, Afghanis and Armenians -- have launched a campaign to add a Middle Eastern category, with various subgroups, to the University of California admissions application." This is an extremely important development in face of the universities trend to consolidate all groups,obscuring a count.

38) Hope Yen, "Hispanics one-fifth of K-12 students." USAToday. March 5, 2009.
Roughly one-fourth of nation's kentergardeners Hispanic.