Estrada Courts
"You Are Not A Minority", 1977.

Toward an Inventory of Chicanao Studies and Latinao Studies Program


Aztlán: A Journal of Chicano Studies

California State University at Northridge (CSUN)-Chicana/o Studies Department

California State University at Northridge Latino Cultural Heritage Digital Archives

Centro de estudiospuertoriqueños

Center for Latin American studies

Cesar Chavez Center University of California at Los Angeles

Chicano art

Chicano Research Collection, Arizona State University,

Dominican Studies Institute

Harvard Civil Rights Project (Moved to UCLA)

Julian Samora Research Institute at Michigan State University

Latina and Latino World War II

Latino Cultural Heritage Digital Archives, California States University at Northridge,

Lewis Mumford Center

Michigan State University, Chicano/Latino Studies Programs
(Ph.D. Program)

National Association for Chicana and Chicano Studies,

The National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) Educational Fund

Online Archive of California,

Pew Hispanic Center, USC

Southern California Library for the Social Studies and Research,

Southwest Voter Registration Education Project

Tomas Rivera Policy Institute

Tejano Voices, vast collection on oral interviews of leading Chicano activists in the 1960s and 1970s

Tia Chu Cha Cultural Center

United Farm Workers

UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center

U.S. Census Bureau,

The William C. Velásquez Institute (WCVI)


Gender and Sexuality Cesar Chavez Center

UCLA, Chicana/Latina Sites,

Chicanas Chingonas
- Chicanas who have made significant professional, educational, and cultural achievements

Chicana/Latina Foundation
- empowering Chicanas/Latinas through personel, educational and profession advancement, Exe Dr. Olga Talamante

Colorlines Magazine

Domestic Violence Council

East Los Angeles Women’s Center. Resource Guide
- Provides lists of all government services for domestic violence, hotlines, social services in the area.

The Federal Government Source for Women's Health Information

Gender, Race and Ethnicity in Media Latin Americans in Media, The
University of Iowa,>

Gender & Women’s Studies Department, California State University, Northridge

A haphazard guide to Chicanas doing any variant of Chicana/o Stuidies

Hispanic and Latina Women-Health Organization Directory
- fed government source for women’s health information

- indigenous Latina and African women and children human rights news from the Americas

MALDEF - includes cases related to Latinas and info on domestic violence.

Mujeres Activas en Letras y Cambio Social
- academic chicana group and journal

National Women's Law Center
- Since 1972, the Center uses the law in all its forms: getting new laws on the books and enforced; litigating ground-breaking cases in state and federal courts all the way to the Supreme Court; and educating the public about ways to make the law and public policies work for women and their families.

Otras Chicanas on the 'Web,’ Making Face, Making Soul...a Chicana

WAGE: We Advocate Gender Equity
- advocating gender equity, initiated by academics at California universities who had tenure grievances and took legal actions

Walmart Watch

Women of Color Resource Center publication

Women’s E News

Women & Gender Studies Website
- association of college and research libraries/American Library Association

Women’s Media Center
- closing the gender gap in news media

World Bank: Gender and Development

World Health Organization

Salt of the Earth

General List

Air America Media

American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations

Applied Resource Center
- advancing racial justice through research, advocacy and journalism

Baraka Obama’s site

Colorlines Magazine

Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman

Ariana Huffington’s site

Paul Krugman, Nobel Peace Recipient 2008, for economics

Mother Jones

My Latino News
he Nation magazine

The Progressive

WAGE: We Advocate Gender Equity
- advocating gender equity, initiated by academics at California universities who had tenure grievances and took legal actions

Walmart Watch

East LA Film Festival 2006

Digital Photo Websites

Arizona State Chicano Collection

Bancroft library photos Mexicans

California Historical Society

California State University Northridge Digital Photos

Latino Cultural Heritage Digital Archives

Center for the Study of Political Graphics

Chicanas University of Washington

The Chicano Civil Rights Movement Through Art, University of Michigan

Chicano Graphic Arts in California

The Chicano Moratorium

The Chicago Defender

Digital Librarian

Dorothea Lang Collection

Fickr Website under images and videos

Harry Gamboa


Latin American Studies

Latino Digital

League of United Latin American Citizens

Library of Congress,
Catalog search


Mexican women

Los Angeles Public Library

Malaquías Montoya and the Chicano Poster, 1989 July 7 / La Raza Graphics Center. Exhibition

My Space

Online Archive of California

Seattle civil Rights and Labor History Project,

UCLA Digital Photos
The UCLA Collection is indexed

University of Texas Arlington Institute of Texan Cultures

USC Digital Photos

USC Mexican Collection

USC Clamor Publico

Washington State University CHICANO ARCHIVE, Jose Alamillo,
Y images and videos images:;_ylt=A9G_bDrCYqdJZIEArnqJzbkF?p=mexicans&fr=yfp-t-501&ei=utf-8&x=wrt&y=Search