The For Chicana/Chicano Studies Foundation Has Supported The Following Individuals:

Dr. Yolanda Broyles-Gonzalez
Chicano Studies Professor
University of California, Santa Barbara
Professor Broyles-Gonzalez sued UCSB for disparate treatment of women in wages and promotions. Another cause of action was UCSB's retaliation against her for her support of Dr. Rodolfo F. Acuña in his suit against the UCSB. Using the same legal team that won the Acuña case, Dr. Broyles-Gonzalez sued. The UC settled the case before it went to trial.

Dr. Alfredo Arteaga,
Assistant Professor of English
University of California, Berkeley
Dr. Alfredo sued because he was denied tenure. Dr. Arteaga claimed racial and political bias. FOR Chicana/Chicano Studies set up a $10,000 trust fund for Dr. Arteaga, and attorneys represented him before the Privilege and Tenure Committee. U.C. Berkeley muted the case by offering him a tenured position in the Ethnic Studies Department before he could file his suit.

Dr. Angela Valenzuela
Professor of Education
Rice University
Dr. Valenzuela sued the institution for not granting her tenure. The cause of action was gender bias. Although the Foundation approved $10,000 for litigation purposes, it was not necessary to sue because Rice settled the case before it went to court.

Dr. Juana Mora,
Professor of Chicana/o Studies
California State University Northridge
Dr. Mora was denied the position of associate dean of the College of Humanities. Dr. Mora's case was very important because of the dearth of Chicana/o and Latina/o administrators in higher education. She was denied the position, although she was clearly the most qualified applicant. During the two searches for the open position, reviewers such as “we already have a Mexican Dean” made comments. A reviewer demeaned her research by stating that Dr. Mora's research on alcoholism was unimportant because all she did was "interview drunken Mexicans." Dr. Mora sued, and just before the case went to trial the CSU settled out of court.

Margie Zamudio 1964 – 2009

Shortly after Margie passed away, I received copies of your emails that
circulated among Margie's UCLA community of friends - memories of Margie and how much she meant to many.
I began working on a memorial site for Margie a few weeks ago and thought that it would be great to continue to share your reflections with others by posting them on her website. So I am writing to ask for your permission.
Margie's birthday is this Saturday, April 17th. She would have turned 46.In her memory, I would like to forward the link to her memorial site to her friends, colleagues, students and all who will be thinking of her. With your permission, I would like to include your words.
Here is what the site would look like:

Leftovers from our previous site

March 2nd Screening of "One Man's Hero" event at the Orpheum
Los Angeles Mayor's Debate 2001
Rough Drafts & Selected Articles by Rodolfo F. Acuña c2000